The ‘Friends’ Edition.

Already this blog is proving mildly difficult for me to commit to, partly due to my slow internet connection and also partly due to the lack of thoughts I consider to be “blog-worthy” as such. However, I’m still quite determined to update at least once a fortnight, so consider this entry as the turning over of a new leaf, a new beginning, all that jazz.

Podcasts have been a longtime enjoyment of mine, I suppose you could say. As with many people I know, my first ever podcast experience began with Mugglecast.     For those of you (not that there’s probably anyone other than myself reading this post, but I shall continue to address my pretend audience anyway) who are unfamiliar with Mugglecast, it is the leading Harry Potter podcast and has been for several years. It is the podcast of  Mugglenet , which is the internet’s number 1 Harry Potter fansite and a site I began visiting when I was about nine or ten years old. Mugglenet was really the first website I experienced that was operated for fans, by fans. It was founded by Emerson Spartz’s brilliant 12-year old self, and it’s become such a reliable source of news, comfort, interaction and the basis of the Harry Potter fandom over the years. What began as something as simple as a Harry Potter fan website has developed into something truly wonderful and now Emerson has his own company called Spartz Media which runs an awesome network of sites, including Gives Me Hope  and Unfriendable amongst others.

Anyway, back to Mugglecast! It’s relatively simple concept, 3 or 4 people discussing Harry Potter news, going Chapter by Chapter through the books and talking through DVD releases, Pottermore and other things developing in the fandom; but it is a continuous conversation that I am yet  to tire of. As a Literature student, simply hearing someone deeply exploring one of my favourite texts on both a narrative and a linguistic level is actually quite fulfilling for me. It’s a true notion that sometimes I prefer to just listen to Andrew, Eric and Micah instead of socialising with actual people, but I just get that way sometimes, I suppose. Other podcasts I listen to are Hype and Hypable’s Glee Chat, which I’m sure you can find by simply visiting or anything Andrew Sims-related. Podcasts are great just before bed, and as a post-study reward.

And now we come to the meaning behind the blog post title!

My most recent podcast discovery is the Edition podcast, which stems from this website.     The website’s tagline is “Edition is your own personal filter. The internet is loud.”, which is a concept I thoroughly appreciate, and the website is basically a collection of quite interesting posts that would otherwise go unseen.  The Edition podcast began in audio form and is actually just about to launch into a video format, but luckily for me and my slow internet, I still haven’t made it through all of the audio episodes yet, meaning my holidays still has some light in them yet! Although I am also looking forward to the video series, because them boys are fine. Edition basically discusses anything and everything, hosted by Zack Luye , Henry Vasquez  and Dylan Spartz (the aforementioned them fine boys (goodness I am so ghetto (ghetto or gangsta? Both terms are possibly incorrect, so I apologise) who actually seem to be quite nice and all that jazz), a trio I find both hilarious and to have some of the most interesting surnames I have ever encountered, really. One of my favourite things about listening to Edition is how it is simply centred around the friendship of these 3 guys, and they remind of happiness in reality, in a way. So really you should listen/watch because it’s amazing and I love it and I’ve spent the last few weeks fangirling over it completely…

Which leads me to the actual meaning behind the blog post and also a confession of my fangirl stalking from the past 24 hours. I found Zack’s blog/website thingy (by the way all 3 of them are extremely talented and nice and incredible (not that I know them personally but whatever) (I also found that Henry had a blog about language and writing which was just an amazing point of discovery for me really and I was up ’til 1am reading every single post like the crazy fangirl that I am), and I don’t have a favourite really) (ALSO THEY LOOK JUST LIKE I PICTURED THEM, ESPECIALLY ZACK(is it an American thing to spell Zack with a “ck” instead of just a “c” or a “ch” or am I just getting far too detailed with this?) ), and there was a section in the most recent post that really struck a chord with me.

“I’ve been working. I hate that sentence. When friends say hello on whichever iteration of text-based messaging service (usually anything but old school text messages) and the initial four lines of expected greetings and salutations are over,  the inevitable “what have you been up to?” (that I can always see happening because most of these text-based messaging services have a feature where you can actually SEE them typing back) pops up on screen, knocking the first four and incredibly mundane lines a space at a time away from cursor that I then have to replace with my own words. By this point in the conversation I am nervous, longing for (what seemed at the time mundane) the rudimentary exchange of hellos with a friend that I have unfortunately lost touch with. If I’ve lost you, think of the time you were sitting nearest to a fireplace or bonfire, (something that produces heat for comfort) and in that moment it began to feel uncomfortable, making you step away, but then realizing only moments later that there was a kind of happy balance between the temperatures that if given the chance, you would welcome back thankfully. The response given is nothing of any substance, usually two to four words (“just working, having fun” or “I’ve been working”) that are incredibly vague and again hold little value.”

True that, dude. So here we are. The ‘Friends’ Edition. It’s always interesting and often heartbreaking to see who bothers to keep in contact with whom over the school holiday period, but I think that this summer will be particularly testing, with all of the changes that will occur in the coming year. I myself am completely guilty of these, but I always seem to tell myself that it’s something that goes both ways. Sometimes, just like Zack said above, it gets too warm in a friendship or relationship and I will remove or distance myself from those people or that situation, only to regret my actions and wish that I could go back. More often than not, I will be the first one to make a move in terms of restoring that balance, and I don’t mind, really. I’m a “people person”, I suppose you could say; I thrive on communication whether it’s writing letters or this blog, Facebook or text messaging or actually speaking to people, hence why I regret any communication distance I encounter or cause. Although, Facebook (to which I have recently returned after a 2 month break due to school) makes me far more anxious about this distance and how people feel or react to others and to what I say. Like, the feeling of seeing someone reply to a wallpost or be online or whatever, but they haven’t replied to the personal message you sent them? Makes me question everything, rethink, basically just become paranoid about it, which creates far more stress than is really necessary, linking back to my state of mind as an overthinker- something I’ve developed in making observations I more often than not use in my writing. Anyway. That’s my thoughts for today. Please be thoroughly impressed by my highly technical hyperlinks earlier in this post. Yeah, that’s right, I’m so fan-cy.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks ever so much for reading all of my unordered ramblings. Have a wonderful day!

P.S ‘Friends’ is a good show and you should watch it sometime.


5 thoughts on “The ‘Friends’ Edition.

  1. ppreetii says:

    hi there :) so basically, i ended up here through the link on the blog post that the edition show notes linked to, and you. just. described. my. life.

    from the deep mugglecast/andrew sims related love (mugglecast was my first exposure into the world of podcasts, but i love hype and smart mouths as well among others), to the COMPLETE AND UTTER edition fangirling that ensued when i first discovered the show (yes, I crept on their respective blogs/twitters/websites too), to the fact that friends is one of my favorite shows, to the commentary on being an overthinker/friendships, you [and zack] mirrored my thoughts to a tee o.O

    i just thought i’d let you know that I thoroughly appreciated your post, because it expressed a ton of the ideas that have been floating around in my head for awhile but that I hadn’t quite written down yet anywhere other than simply a journal.

    have a fabulous day! :)

    • Kara. says:

      Awwww, thankyou so much for your kind words! I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in my creeping/fangirling and overthinking/analysing :P and just life in general, I’m so flattered to know that I wrote something you were able to relate to! :)
      You have a wonderful day, too! Thank you for the lovely comment! Friends and podcasts really are just that great, hahah :)

        • Kara. says:

          Hahah! Why thankyou! Don’t think I’ve ever been referred to as that before, but I’ll take it anyway! Oh, by the way, I’ve been meaning to email you and ask- is it okay if I make my own Edition tshirt, or is that breaking copyright laws or something? :)

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