I haven’t really decorated my room at college yet, mainly because most of my photos, cards and other meaningful objects are still on my bedroom wall at home. When I return home soon, I’m contemplating bringing the majority of those things with me but then again I’m also hestitant to remove them from that environment that holds so many memories, which got me thinking about whether or not it’s the space that holds the memories, the items that do, or a combination of both, and what effect bringing those things with me would have on my new space and my new frame of mind. Wow none of that actually made sense. Oh well. Anyway.

I just wanted to share this video with you, because it’s inspired me to hold onto old memories and also explore new ones, even if it’s as simple as having photos or messages up on your bedroom wall. For me, it communicates so much about those I love, and reminds me that I am loved.

On another note, Carrie Fletcher (who made the above video) is making some really interesting and somewhat hilarious videos over at her Youtube channel, and you can also follow her on Twitter, Tumblr or on Facebook. She’s an amazing singer/songwriter too, currently signed to Island/Universal Records, and there’s both covers and original songs on her youtube channel. There’s also talk of a television project centred around her which should be quite interesting, so keep an eye out! Also, if you’re a Galaxy Defender, you’re most likely already familiar with Carrie because of reasons ;) and I encourage you to check out her stuff and get on board with The Hopefuls, as we’re being called. (plus she follows me on Tumblr and one time she liked something I reblogged and I nearly died of fangirl happiness, lol)


Thoughts? :)

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