What inspires you?

It’s a question that’s been playing on my mind rather a lot, as of late, and I thought there’d be no better way to ponder it than to put it in a blog post!

(Haha, but let’s be honest, I blog about the most random things so no matter what I’d been pondering, it would probably end up in a post somehow… Harry Styles and The Blazer, anyone?)

I stumbled across an interview from Dianna Agron, speaking to Charlie McDonnell (also, her website is so cool! I love the collaborative nature of it all!) and this part took my fancy:

“My friends inspire me the most, I think. I tend to surround myself with people who are trying to do the same thing with their lives as I am, creative people who it’s just fun to be in a room with. It doesn’t even matter if I’m not actively chatting with them, I just like being in the same space with others who are all getting stuff done – it helps me to be more productive myself. I do still have filmmakers and musicians etc that inspire me, but not in the same way that my friends do, and not nearly as frequently as my friends do, either!”

This quote really resonated with me, and I’ve begun to recognise how much of an influence, both creative and otherwise, my friends are for me, in terms of inspiration. All of my fictional narratives have been in part (if not entirely) inspired by friends of mine, and one of the reasons I began this blog was to develop a means of keeping up with one another, in a way. I’m blessed with friends that inspire me, but also listen to and read my endless ramblings, and have no hesitation in telling me what I can do to improve, to move forward, to make things better. Today I was speaking with my friend Chelsea about which creative projects we’d love to work on, if we could work on any at all and I came to the realisation that my dream creative project would be centred around writing and some sort of collaboration. Last year I had an opportunity to develop a series of creative writing pieces for use in Caitlyn’s media film project, and I really enjoyed the creative process we went through on that particular occasion. From the initial discussions we had, to actively developing each piece to compliment the narrative to seeing the finished project, it was just such an incredible feeling to be involved in something that actually had a result I could watch with the knowledge and proof that I’d contributed to it.

This blog began as a personal record type activity for me, a way to document this “journey” I’m on, I suppose. However, it’s become increasingly more an opportunity for me to convey my thoughts and opinions on particular themes and facets that extend beyond my personal life, and I’ve come to the realisation that I find it more rewarding to publish posts that are more about thematic exploration (and fancy hyperlinks, because who doesn’t love those?), so that’s sort of the direction I think I might move in with this blog. Hope that’s okay with you, whoever you are! Looking back over what I’ve written so far, obviously the majority of the posts do have a personal connection (I even researched it- my personal tag is the most used!) so yeah. This makes so much sense so far, doesn’t it?!

Inspiration comes in many forms, and over at RocknRoll Bride, Kat recently launched the Green Room section of her blog (which I am obsessed with) and one of its features is a series titled “Inspirations” (see,  it all makes sense now, doesn’t it?) which is such an incredible read. There is understandably a clear focus on the wedding and blogging industries, but I still find myself going back again and again to read through articles and just learn so much from it all… This paragraph has been a really roundabout way for introducing an idea I had after some conversations today, haha, yay! Long story short, I’m going to see if any of my lovely friends that inspire me would like to contribute to my blog by way of a guest post. Yep. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? I’m unsure of the details because I’m really bad with details, I’m more of an ideas gal, but not to worry! It’ll come together, somehow. I think I’ll just send a really fancy email, that should work, lol. So I shall keep you posted (hopefully they agree, awks if they don’t), and I’m really going to work towards this new-ish concept of this aspect of my writing, and yeah.

Cool? Cool.

Thanks for reading!


Thoughts? :)

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