In a super short blog post about 5 months ago, I said another of my goals was to utilise my early access into Pottermore and explore the Wizarding World, taking in all of the new information JKR had to offer. Well, besides one late night adventure that got me up to Diagon Alley, I pretty much forgot about my account and the awaiting adventure…. Until last night. In the past few days as I’m sure you know, the world has been once again abuzz with JK Rowling news. Jo’s website was relaunched and included a description of her new book as well as details about a HARRY POTTER ENCYCLOPAEDIA (Keep Calm and Check Mugglenet, as always, heheh). In the midst of all this Potterish excitement, I casually mentioned to a friend that I’d never even gotten up to the Sorting Process on Pottermore. Straight away she demanded I log in and at least get up to that point, just for the McGonagall backstory, if nothing else. Off I went to Pottermore…

So, this happened.

In the past, I’d never really identified with any particular house. I have friends who always saw themselves as belonging to a certain Hogwarts house, but for some reason it was just something I never really took part in. I mean, obviously the thought had crossed my mind several times, I’d just never come to a concrete conclusion. That being said, when Gryffindor flashed up on the screen, I didn’t know how to feel. Firstly I was kind of annoyed because the whole point of Pottermore is getting new information from Jo and I already knew a whole lot about Gryffindor (seeing as how the books are written from Harry’s perspective, and all), so the idea of being in another house and learning about its history and all that stuff seemed so excited and fun and cool and yeah. Secondly, I was confused. GRYFFINDOR?!?! REALLY?!?!





Turns out my money was on being in Ravenclaw (funny how the truth comes out once you’re faced with other results), and a few of my friends shared this sentiment. I have no idea why, just… yeah. I guess the fact that I’m even writing a blog post about this shows how much this freaking fandom means to me, haha.

So, I’m a Gryffindor. Thought you ought to know.


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