Guest Post: Fear

Yeah, it’s Guest Post time again, get excited! Today’s guest post is the second in the series where some of my lovely friends have offered to contribute their thoughts to my blog. This post has been written by my wonderful friend Chelsea, who I met in Year 11 English. Our teacher was mildly insane, and we bonded over writing down the crazy things she said (and presented them to her in book form at the end of the year, lol). We’ve been close friends ever since (we even survived Year 12 maths together, imagine that), and I am so honoured that she’s written this guest post. You can find Chelsea on Twitter here & also on Tumblr here, and I definitely recommend checking out her Instagram photos because they’re quite rad. Please note that the featured image credit goes to Chels (the girl got the talentzzzz ;x). Anyway, read on!


It’s something that each of us experience in day-to-day life in varying degrees. Fear can be such a controlling emotion, and in many cases it can restrict and limit us from being released into our full potential. It’s like fear is some annoying bully that will stop at nothing to make our life seem about one thousand and seventeen times worse than it actually is.

I have a 7 year old friend called Georgia, who is afraid of two things: thunder storms and dogs. Of course, one day when I was out with her at the park for a picnic up on a hill, we found ourselves trapped between a thunder storm, and a dog that was being walked by it’s owner down below. Georgia was frozen, uttering the words “I should have never come up here!” over and over. No matter how funny I found it, she let herself get so worked up about it, unable to realise that the thunderstorm was far, far away from actually reaching us, and the gorgeous Golden Retriever below was not only easy to avoid, but seemed about as harmful as one of those Kleenex ducklings. The best part about the whole event was that Georgia’s 4 year old sister Lucy was persistent in trying to release Georgia from her fear, running after her calmly repeating, “You are not scared of dogs, Georgia. Dogs will not hurt you!” Luckily Georgia’s only little, so I could piggy back her to safety.

And the funniest thing about fear?  Often the fear of getting hurt is more painful than the hurt itself. Georgia definitely let that happen, and so have I. I remember a few years ago I had to get a blood test, and in the days leading up to it I only fed and added to my fear as I allowed my mind to focus on how much it would hurt. “What was I so worried about?” were my words afterwards, and honestly, how much do we say this in our lives?

As ninety-eight year olds we’ll all look back and speak this exact sentence. Hindsight conquers fear, but only once victory has been achieved. You know, even Jesus was fearful when he was hanging on that cross before he died and then rose again three days later. Imagine him walking out of that tomb! “Man, what was I so worried about?”

But more than hindsight, I know that faith conquers fear. Sure courage is a pretty powerful force, but faith goes one step further. Courage might be the ability to do something that frightens one, but faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see! Imagine if we were all full of faith? Fear wouldn’t have the right to even attempt to creep into our lives.

I know that my faith lies in God, and Romans 8:32 helps to strengthen that faith; it simply says that if God is for us, who can be against?

So have faith! And hope for the future!

Next time fear tries to tell you how bad life is, tell it how great your faith is.


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Fear

  1. Kara. says:

    Thanks so much for writing this post, Chels! I loved reading it as I was putting it together to publish :) also, loving the photo, amazing shot!

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