Ed Sheeran.

Right, it’s about time I fangirled over this.

Well, at least, it’s time I fangirled over it in WordPress blog post form.

So, a few months ago (early February, according to my iTunes), I found myself with some iTunes credit following my 18th birthday. One of the musical purchases I made was Ed Sheeran’s album + and I would just like to say that it was one of the best albums I’ve personally heard in a long time (now let’s not forget, music is a matter of taste– if you don’t like Ed Sheeran I won’t hold it against you, so please don’t go hating on me just because I like something you despise). I can’t really remember why I chose this particular selection to download (but it was possibly because I’d heard Harry Styles recommend it somewhere? Lol.)

Thanks to my temperamental internet I only managed to download The A Team (a track that now has some 216 plays in my iTunes because I listened to it on repeat for a few good hours) and I was definitely intrigued with what I was hearing. In the following days I acquired the rest of the album and I quite quickly became mildly obsessed with listening to it over and over, haha. Actually I probably listen to A Team the least out of all the songs on the album, I think. It was just one of the first times in ages (probably since radio:ACTIVE) that I’d found an  entire album I couldn’t stop listening to and was actually excited to share with my friends. Well, most of my friends. I’ve got a fair few of them who view my taste in music as completely invalid (actually, they tend to see anything that isn’t what they like as invalid, honestly, so whatever). Anyway. Time to embed some videos, yay!

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (herein referred to as YNMIDNY) has been a song of Ed’s for a while from what I understand. This video actually has Ed explaining how the song has evolved over the progression of his career, which I found quite interesting.

Okay, above is the video for Drunk. I’ve included it because honestly, who doesn’t love a subtitled, intoxicated cat?

Lego House is a nice track, but the video is just… a mindfuck, really, but in a kind of clever way? Ahaha. Plus I’m a HP Fangirl through and through, so Rupert Grint being in this video is just a bonus, really.

No words. Besides that it is hands down my favourite song on the album.

Now, Small Bump. Rather sad song, but I thoroughly appreciate the narrative Ed manages to develop in 4 minutes that evokes such strong emotion in so many people. Also how he’s able to switch into the narrative perspectives of other people is really well done.

Wayfaring Stranger isn’t on the album, but my friend Chelsea (whose guest post you can read here) told me about it. She’d heard of Ed before me and I am so glad she showed this song to me, it’s a rather soulful track and also once again incorporates his interesting use of a loop pedal or several.

And finally, the cover of Empire State of Mind just because well why not, really.

So, that’s that. Ed Sheeran, lovely guy, good music, awesome album. Listening to it calms me down like nothing else, and the way I’ve been able to share it with my friends has actually been really nice. Apologies for the lack of blogging lately, I’ve been a bit busy with uni but from June 4th, I’m on holidays, so that should be nice. If nice acoustic stuff is your thing, I’d definitely recommend giving Ed’s album a listen. Sadly, I missed out on getting tickets to see him here in Australia in September (or was it August? I’ve suppressed the traumatic memories already), but that’s okay, I’ll survive. One day! Maybe I’ll just have to go live in the UK in order to see Ed live, and then maybe McFly live… oh, the list goes on. Have a great day, now!


Thoughts? :)

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