Guest Post: The McFly Diaries: The Not-So-Hidden Thoughts of a Fangirl (Part One)

Hey guys! I know two posts in one day is just plain CRAZY, but when I’d discovered this gem had finally made its way into my inbox, I couldn’t resist posting it. This guest post is brought to you by my incredible friend Anna. We became friends, along with Anna’s friend Kelsey, through the beautifully simple concept of Tumblr, thanks to our love of McFly  and the birth of a blog known as #StargirlProblems. Basically, whenever we talk, some sort of fangirling will occur. Naturally, when Anna decided to do her guest post on our beloved British boys (well, my first beloved British boys, and always my true favourites), I fangirled. A LOT. And because she’s so dedicated to her fandom, Anna’s written a post so massive that I’m splitting it into two parts. Part one will be published today and part two on July 27th (sorry for the wait, but trust me, it’s well worth it!), and you can follow Anna on Twitter here or on Tumblr here, and if you’re a McFly fan, be sure to check out StargirlProblems here. Don’t forget to leave your lovely thoughts below the post, if you are so inclined! Now, onwards with the epic guest post!

Disclaimer: When Kara first approached me to write something for this project, my first instinct was McFly. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to branch out and do something outside of my comfort zone, something that no one would see coming. Disgruntled and indecisive, I sat back and thought about the email I had gotten explaining the project, about what inspires us, finally coming to the obvious conclusion that McFly inspires me in more ways than I can possible put in words. And so this idea was born; through horrible puns, cheesy jokes and sappy insights, I’ve taken it upon myself, by documenting significant days, to try and show just how four very special boys have inspired me in an abundance of ways and how in the end, we’re all more than just fangirls. Enjoy!

March 7, 2012:

Exactly seven years ago, “All About You”, the song that had nearly everyone dancing on the kitchen tiles (I warned you about lame jokes and such did I not?!) was released. While I could bore you all about how “All About You” was the first single off of McFly’s second studio album, Wonderland, or how it was the official Comic Relief charity single for 2005, I’ll spare you, eh? Instead, we’ll focus on the more important details, like how Tom Fletcher wrote it for his then girlfriend, Giovanna. Look him up ladies! He loves cats, Disney, is the ultimate nerd and he writes adorable songs! Sadly, that then girlfriend is his now fiancé and his soon to be wife! Anyway, “All About You” is one of those classics that any McFly fan, or Galaxy Defenders as we call ourselves (Look at that! I’m being educational as well, mum!), will know. It brings back memories of “baby” versions of the boys each time I listen, allowing me to travel back in time so that even just for three minutes I am once again twelve, dancing around to a cute song and fantasizing about my dream boy. It’s funny to think that seven years ago I first heard this song and that I’ve played it at least a million times over those seven years, without a doubt busting a move along to it on my own kitchen tiles. Sure, Tom wrote it for Giovanna, but take a look at the boys, spend five minutes on SuperCity or watching a YouTube video and you’ll see that for them, it really is all about us. They’ve gone to the moon and back to make sure their fans are part of everything; that hasn’t changed in the last seven years and I’ll bet you an endless supply of Cadbury that it will never change (make sure it’s the kind with caramel will you?). You’re intrigued now aren’t you? I can see you sitting there thinking, “Anna, it’s just a song!” but it really isn’t. “All About You” is just one tiny, but monumental piece of McHistory (Anna-2 Normalcy-0), one that reached out and told all of us that McFly is different than other bands. “All About You” is one of those timeless songs that the boys play whenever they have a chance, urging fans to latch onto whoever is near and sing their hearts out. They use the song to bring us all together, wanting nothing more than for all of their fans to be one big family.  On Wonderland, the boys showed how serious they were about their lives, their music and their fans, regardless of it being just their second of five (almost six!) studio albums. Sure, we’d probably all survive without McFly, but we don’t have to. Granted, maybe I’d be normal but I hear it’s overrated anyway.

March 12, 2012:

Four score and seven years ago….actually more like twenty six to be exact, one-fourth of McFly made his way onto this Earth. I wasn’t in Bolton that day to witness it, but if I know Danny Jones, (and I’d like to think I kinda do) he probably came out cracking jokes and being….Danny. I could go on and on about this man, but I won’t, so bear with me while I try to fit years’ worth of admiration into just one post will ya? For the last eight years, Danny’s been the one that I’ve looked up to most, always making the people around him smile and laugh at his completely dumb but absolutely hilarious antics. I try so hard to be as funny as he is, to make sure that the people around me are always laughing, just because I’ve witnessed how a smile can make someone’s day. There have been days in my life that kicked me to the ground, tried to make it so that I would smile less and cry more, yet I never let them get to me because Danny taught me to live each day smiling and laughing as much as I can. He made my day countless times with his jokes and his charm, letting me believe that I was never alone (….and the fact he’s absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and attractive and we like the same football club doesn’t hurt either to be honest). His humor has been a comfort all these years because it’s evidence that no matter how famous McFly get or how much they grow up, at the end of the day, they’re still the same boys they were when they first started. Even to this day, his voice, laugh, smile…just everything about him takes me back to the happier parts of my childhood. I’ve had a lifetime of disappointment, but the one thing that I’ve known for as long as I remember, the one thing that is more vivid than anything else, is Danny. He’s been that silver lining to every cloud I’ve ever encountered, and looking ahead in life, I know he’ll unknowingly find a way to make everything better. With Danny, I know I will always laugh when I’m down, and I’ll forever owe him the world for that.

Unfamiliar with the adorable jokester? Then get to know him! Already know him? Then sit back and laugh along!


March 29, 2012:

Did you hear there’s a sale going on? Two for one! Justttt kidddingggg. Well kinda? There is no sale since no one here is getting paid, (Er, I’m not getting paid right Kara?- you’ll be paid in love and fangirl hugs – ) but there is a two for one going on! Today, two very special events happened, so instead of getting my crazy blabbering about one thing, you shall hear two! (Seriously though? You people are still reading? I’m flattered.) To get to the point, today is basically one huge McBirthday.

On this day, (oh gosh I sound like one of those calendars don’t I?!), McFly was basically born.  Today marks the release of the first album, Room on the Third Floor, as well as the release of their first single, “Five Colours in Her Hair”. Looking back now, ROTTF is vintage McFly to me. And before you freak out about me calling it “vintage” or “classic”, let me explain.

ROTTF is the very beginning. It opened up the door not only into the music industry but into my heart for those boys. Today, a lot of people base their opinions on a band on just one song they hear. Cue “Five Colours”. It was the very first McFly song I ever heard, and from the very moment I heard it, I knew that I would love them. I grew up wishing they would climb out of my TV and take me away, constantly singing “Do do dodo do doooo!” Sure they’ve grown up since then and changed their style a bit, but in the end, they’re the same boys they were so long ago, and deep down, I’m still that little girl with the big crush on the really cute lead singer in the blue shirt.

April 10, 2012:

After only twelve days of being released, today is the day that “Five Colours in Her Hair” charted. For those at the very beginning, it was just the first of many signs that this band was going to be big.  And for those fans that came later on, it’s just proof that the boys have always been at the top of their game. They’ve managed to break countless records, but this was the start of their climb to fame. There isn’t much to say, except that I know that as long as McFly is together, they’ll continue rocking the charts.

May 12, 2012

Ahhh, can’t you just hear all the iPods blasting “All About You” today? After being the most adorable couple for so long, today is the day Tom and Giovanna actually get married! Some people might think getting excited for a wedding I wasn’t invited to would be crazy, but to McFly fans, this truly is the royal wedding.  For the world, William and Kate were this perfect storybook tale about a girl who falls for a prince and suddenly her life is changed. But we all know that can’t happen to everyone. Tom and Giovanna…their story is about an ordinary boy and girl who meet in school and fall in love. Even in the limelight, they aren’t afraid to be who they are; completely nerdy and total dorks, absolutely in love with themselves, their lives, and each other. Looking back on all of this,  I can’t help but to be happy that these two amazing people have found each other and get to spend the rest of their lives dancing around the kitchen tiles (….so are any of you sick of the puns yet? ‘Cause I think I’m funny…).

Congratulations Tom and Gi! Xx

….. And that’s the end of part one! Check back in a couple of weeks for part two… trust me, you won’t want to miss it ;) Also, a full write up of the Tiovanna wedding will be brought to you by Kelsey in August, so keep an eye out for that! 


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