Guest Post: The McFly Diaries: The Not-So-Hidden Thoughts of a Fangirl (Part Two)

YAY! Time for part two of Anna’s wonderful guest post on McFly! The post speaks for itself, so I’m just going to helpfully hyperlink to part one here and let you get on with reading! Enjoy! :)

May 17, 2012

AHHHHH! Apparently Tom’s wedding is more inspiring than I thought, ‘cause Harry proposed to his girlfriend Izzy! Another royal wedding?! Sign me up! In all seriousness though, all this wedding talk makes me realize that those four boys who used to run around naked backstage and stole toilet paper from the bathrooms really are growing up :’)

…..or uh, so I hope.

June 21, 2012

Just to add more cuteness to the wedding day(s) bliss, today is the day that “Obviously” was released in 2004. The whole point of the song is that Tom has this crush on a girl that he thinks is way “out of his league” and although he really wants her, he doubts he can ever have her. Amazing that almost eight years later, he married that girl huh? (….I made a pun without even meaning to. Signs of a professional fangirl?) While the Tom and Giovanna aspect of the whole thing is adorable, my favorite is the Danny-Tom aspect. You see, Danny and Tom are best mates and when Room on the Third Floor was being written, Danny and Tom lived in this hotel together. Two strangers, brought together by their love of music, instantly becoming friends. Danny helped Tom write this song, tried his best to help Tom get over his heartbreak, and just last week, Danny helped Tom out again….by standing next to him while Tom married the same girl he thought was out of his league. I’ve got my own Tom to my Danny, and nothing makes me happier than knowing that no matter what, she’ll be right by my side through the ups and downs, because that’s what best mates are for.

Music seems to be more powerful then we think huh?


July 9, 2012

Now, as much fun as I’ve had writing the posts up ‘til now, this is where my fun officially starts. Today marks the anniversary that “One for the Radio” was released. I’ll explain why I’m overjoyed. (You can’t see me right now, but I’m really excited and singing along to the song as we speak.) “One for the Radio” is off of the Radio:ACTIVE album, which happens to be my favorite album of all time AND the music video was filmed in Canada, meaning the boys were fairly close to me for a while….or closer than they usually are. “One for the Radio” is one of those songs that you can just blare when you don’t care about anything anymore. It’s the song that I love singing along to at the top of my lungs, as I’m sure my neighbors could tell you. It’s basically classic McFly. Why? Because it’s McFly doing what they wanted to do. They broke from their record label, travelled to Australia, and wrote everything they’ve ever wanted to write.  And the music video! Well…I’ll just let you watch it and see how great it is for yourself!

And I might even give a prize to the person who gets the movie reference at the beginning :p

July 17, 2012

Happy 27th birthday to Mr. Tom Fletcher! Honestly, without Tom, there would be no McFly. He’s the one who found Danny and then together, the two of them found Harry and Dougie. Tom is…well Tom is perfect. He’s adorable, nerdy, good looking, smart, talented. He’s everything anyone would want to be or want to have. The best part though? Tom’s modest. He’s this amazing songwriter, basically a genius, and he’s just so down to Earth. He works so hard to keep this band together, and he treats his fans like best friends. Anything Tom does, we know of. You might find it creepy, but I think it’s endearing. Unlike celebrities who want to be hidden away from the world, acting as if they deserve to be famous, Tom knows that he is famous….well because of us. He’s taught me to love myself for who I am and that each and every single one of us has a hidden talent. Tom has taught me about true love, about friendship, about life. He’s a role model, a hero, a friend. He, along with the other boys, could very well be your big brother or your best mate, even the lad down the road, that’s what makes it so easy to love them. They don’t scream celebrity, instead they try to connect with each one of us. But in the end, he’s just Tom.

….and his tweets and such are pretty marvelous as well.

Proof that Tom Fletcher is one of the best people around:

July 27, 2012

Danny, Dougie, Harry, and Tom,

Even though we’ve never met, I wish I could tell you that you can make me smile from miles away on a bad day, even if just for a second. That I love you and admire you and that I’ve truly learned so much from you. That I can’t quite remember life before you, but I don’t really wish to. I have tried to make so much of my life revolve around you four because you’re the only ones who haven’t let me down yet. Unlike countless childhood memories that I’ve grown out of, you’ve all grown up with me. I get to keep you forever, knowing that where I go, you follow. I could write forever and try to actually show you how you’ve inspired me to be true to myself and branch out and make life worth living, but I don’t think I can ever even get close to the real amount. The best part though? Each and every day you show me how to love life in a different way, and I fall in love with the world, and with you guys, even more.

So this is the end then. I really appreciate anyone who’s read this, and especially Kara for offering me this opportunity. It’s really, truly been a blast. I tried my best to do these boys justice, and I hope that I did a good enough job, because they deserve all of the fame and recognition and gratitude in the world. Hopefully, some of you can see now why just one band could mean so much to a girl, and maybe some of you even realize that you have your own band or team or show that do for you what McFly has done for me.

Maybe some of you still think it’s stupid to love people I’ve never met so much, but how can I not? So call me crazy, call me obsessed, call me a silly fangirl. Call me what you want, but no matter what, I’ll be proud to call myself a Galaxy Defender.

Millions of fans, thousands of memories, hundreds of laughs, 100+ songs and covers, 20 singles, 10 tours, 8 years, 5 studio albums, 4 best friends, 1 band.

Here’s to McFly. 


Thoughts? :)

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