It’s the Easiest Thing to Do.

Yay, time for another guest post! You might remember Anna (one of my two favourite Americans, alongside Kelsey) from her awesome McFly guest posts back in July  , and today she’s back for another special McFly-related post about our beloved Tiovanna. There shall be a few McFly-related posts on the blog this month, which is actually rather exciting! You can follow Anna on Twitter here or on Tumblr here, and if you’re a McFly fan, be sure to check out StargirlProblems here. Please leave a comment if it takes your fancy!

Growing up, countless tales of knights and princesses living happily ever after swirled about our tiny heads as we fell asleep each night. We dressed up in incredibly itchy dresses and plastic heels (seriously, do real princesses deal with this? NO. Get on it Disney) waiting for our own Prince Charmings to stop eating bugs and come rescue us.

Then, we grow up. We grow up, and it seems that “happily ever after” is just a myth we hear about. Something that is falling deeper and deeper into oblivion as we get our hearts broken. What we forget as we grow up and lose our childish innocence though, is that love is real; not just for the Disney princesses or the A-list celebrities. It hides just around the corner, blooming and blossoming right under our very nose.

Okay, okay, you’re telling me to cut the corny now. Sap removed.

But seriously, let’s talk about real, adorable, “stop it, you’re killing me” dream ruining love.

Tiovanna love.

Some of you might have read my last guest post, but in case you didn’t, Tiovanna is the couple name for the equally adorable Tom Fletcher, the lead guitarist of McFly, and his wife Giovanna.

Tom and Giovanna met at school and of course it was love at first sight. We’ve all heard the story of them meeting, and boy, was the conversation riveting (note: sarcasm.)

Giovanna: “I’m Giovanna but my friends and family call me Gi.”

Tom: “I’m Tom but you can call me T.”

“Call me T.” I kid you not. Thomas Fletcher was chunky and adorable and nerdy and he shortened his name to rhyme with his crush’s. (Side note: people don’t even write Tiovanna fanfiction because make believe can’t top this love story. It’s just a whole bunch of historical fiction based on this moment, really.) Gi and Tom dated for a while before Tom dumped her for some girl named Gemma (My roommate was pissed when she read about it in Unsaid Things. So Gemma, I apologize for the random hate. Can’t say we’re pleased you broke up the best couple ever.)

Now I know you’re thinking, “They broke up! Ha!”. Fairytale over.

I know, I know. But being in McFly doesn’t mean Tom Fletcher is any less of a (at times incredibly dumb) boy.

BUT, bright side!  He realized he’d made a mistake and rushed to get Giovanna back. She was dating a police officer at that point; (WORK IT GI! YOU GO GIRL) But my God did this mean great songs were made.  I swear the whole first album is Tom writing songs to get Giovanna back (Ahem, Obviously?) and Danny probably falling slowly and madly and deeply in love with Tom….but I mean we can save Flones  for another day. (Right Kara, right?)

No surprise that Tom and Giovanna were reunited, but that was really only just the beginning. Through tours, albums, taking over the world (and space) with their music, and even Tom being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, they stood side by side.


And isn’t that what true love is at the end of the day? It’s not the fairytale beginning or the expensive dates or any of that. It’s being with that person and wanting only the best for them. It’s sticking by them when they’re not even sure they want to stay with themselves.

Tom and Gi got married just last May in a beautiful ceremony and despite not being there, I know that it was probably the best symbol of their 9 year long relationship.

tom and gi

In fact, I could probably prove it. Tom recently uploaded his wedding speech to Youtube. It’s a compilation of all of McFly’s Greatest Hits rewritten to thank special people on his special day.

Absolute tearjerker is what it is. And with every view, another wedding is ruined because of high expectations. (We’re at some 3 million so that’s horribly depressing and awkward.)

The point is, despite it not always being easy; both of them realized that the other was worth it. The fighting and the tears were worth it to finally wake up every morning and realize that they’re sharing their own little infinity.

So keep your Disney princesses and their knights in shining armor, your A-list celebrities and their million dollar dates. I don’t need any of that to prove that love can easily complete me. I’ve learned that love can be even better than I expected it to be.

So thanks Gi and T.

Thank you for giving me something to believe in.

(Apologies in advance if it gets stuck in your head… Actually, #sorrynotsorry.)


One thought on “It’s the Easiest Thing to Do.

  1. Kara. says:

    Hey hey Anna girl! Thank you so much for yet another amazing guest post! I’ve been wanting to have something on Tiovanna on the blog for a while now, and thanks to you there’s finally something, and it’s great! xxx

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