Guest Post: Warped Tour AU Lineup

Today’s post is a guest contribution from my beloved Caitlyn. You may remember her from such posts as How To Fangirl Like a Professional, and the review of Unsaid Things: Our Story. Today, she’s going to talk you through the recently-announced line-up for Australia’s Vans Warped Tour 2013. Enjoy!


It’s all very fresh but I have finally settled down and composed myself because VANS WARPED TOUR IS BACK ON AUSTRALIAN SOIL AND TYPING IN CAPS LOCK DOESN’T REALLY EXPLAIN MY EXCITEMENT. Just give me a moment please…

Sorry guys, I’m back! I’m sure that some people would find it weird sitting up until late evening to find out who will be playing at a silly little festival that only a handful of people go (Mum, I’m looking at you) but I’m one of them. Heading to MOST capital cities (Sorry WA) in Australia, Warped will be sweating it out just before Christmas and I will be heading to the Melbourne leg of the tour. Ever since it was announced that Warped would be back in Australia, I have been waiting for this moment and let me tell you something; IT DIDN’T DISAPPOINT. As always, I was very skeptical and extremely nervous.

It’s a fantastic line-up, don’t get me wrong, and it has such a diverse range of bands that fit well into the bill but it is early days. With promoter AJ Maddah tweeting that “4-5 international bands” and “loads of local bands” will be announced in the near future, it could potentially get a lot better. When I think of Warped, I automatically recognize the support and promotion of local bands, which is an admirable quality that Soundwave doesn’t necessarily have.

Pop punk royalty, The Offspring are coming back once again this year after their incredible stint on the 2013 Soundwave Festival bill. The guitar-heavy festival will also bring the Aussie headliners Parkway Drive back on home soil (inside I’m actually dying about this) and I’m personally stoked to see them live. To be totally honest I am sick of my brother bragging about how he has seen them and I haven’t and that doesn’t sit well with me so suck it, brother. Bands such as Simple Plan, H20 and The Used are also huge artists rounding out the headline spots along with New Found Glory. What more could a pop punk fan want!? I am getting emotional.

The Sydney based band Tonight Alive are also one of the incredible local bands that have been included in the first line up release with many more promised to come. Tonight Alive have been killing it overseas in the UK and doing this years US Warped Tour, enduring the harsh summer climate across North America. Other bands that are part of the Warped Tour Alumni are American bands The Summer Set and The Dangerous Summer who also sweated it out here in Australia last year for the 2012 Soundwave Festival. I was fortunate enough to photograph both bands during their time here in Australia. Great tunes!

I could drone on about how much I love Anarbor but I will spare you. WHO AM I KIDDING? THEY ARE AMAZING GO LISTEN TO THEM NOW. The Phoenix-based Alternative rock band is heading down under for this festival and they are also part of the very long list of Warped Alumni. I’ve been a fan for YEARS and have yet to see them live so to say I’m excited about their little appearance on this bill would be an incredibly large understatement. Yes, I screamed a little. Sue me. Kids In Glass Houses are also a massive inclusion that sort of topped off the entire announcement for me. I don’t mind getting down to a bit of ‘Fisticuffs’ if you know what I mean? Huh… huh. Yeah, I don’t even know what I mean by that really. It was just a ‘shameless’ song title drop. Alight, this has to stop. Anyway, Aled is a total babe so I suggest you see these guys in December!

Fun fact: New Found Glory played in the last Australian Vans Warped Tour in 2002, which was 11 years ago! Oh yeah, NFG. 16 years and still going strong lads!

As you may be able to tell, I am incredibly excited about this tour that will be happening in November/December for so many reasons. I love a good festival and will jump at any chance to chill out all day with friends enjoying music and I have a feeling that this festival will provide some great entertainment. The line up so far and dates are listed in the image above, so go to the official Warped Tour Australia Facebook and Twitter for more information on upcoming line up releases and of course, check out the bands that are playing this festival! They’re brilliant.




Thoughts? :)

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