Three Years, One Direction

Oh I know. Such a witty blog post title. Bet you can’t guess what this one’s going to be about! (Hahahahahahahah heavy on the sarcasm, for sure).

So, the other day, it was One Direction’s third anniversary (bandiversary?). Crazy how time flies, huh? Three years ago, they were put together at X Factor boot camp, and giving performances like this:

And even though they didn’t win their series of the X Factor (which I think is possibly the secret to their success, to be honest), they’ve just gone from strength to strength over the past three years and are now arguably the biggest boyband the world has ever encountered. The rise of social media and online fandoms has most certainly contributed to their fame and success, with their latest music video for “Best Song Ever” breaking the record for the most views on a VEVO channel in 24 hours.

(Don’t worry if you have to watch it more than once… It’s a tad confusing the first time around. Probably how they got all those views, lol. Also, Marcel is my fave.)

Three years is a relatively long time in the pop music industry, even moreso for a group, band or artist formed on a reality television talent series. Three years ago, the members of One Direction didn’t even know each other, and now they’re selling out stadiums around the world and releasing a full-length feature film, amongst other things (including a cosmetics range… yeah, not too sure about that one). Their rise to fame has been immense, and I’m sure they’ve worked hard and are very proud of what they achieved and the careers they’ve managed to cultivate.

The One Direction fanbase is one of the most passionate, dedicated and also terrifying fandoms I’ve ever encountered. No doubt that it is because of the fans that One Direction have reached what many would consider to be the peak of popularity amongst teenage girls. It’s because of the fans that they have number one records and sold out tours, and due to their origins on a reality television programme, it’s because of the fans that One Direction even came to be in the first place, in a way.

Because they began as unknowns, as “real people”, their entire journey and career has taken place in the public eye. I’m intrigued to see what their film manages to include in terms of “never before seen footage” and stories, considering that the Directioners pride themselves on knowing anything and everything about their idols. Like, I’m talking blood types and times of birth. They’ll make great private investigators or stalkers someday, I’m sure. On the film note, it’ll be interesting to see how the film impacts the perception of One Direction in the wider public spectrum. When Justin Bieber released Never Say Never, his biography-but-also-a-concert film, I remember there being a lot of public reaction along the lines of people who weren’t necessarily fans before either becoming fans after viewing the film, or acknowledging that they respected Bieber and the journey he’d taken and the work he’d put in. Nowadays Bieber seems to be on a bit of a downward spiral, but fingers crossed that that won’t happen to One Direction. I like to think that because they’re in a group, there’s more support and all that good stuff. Dealing with pressure from their fandom would be difficult, though.

I’m seeing them live in concert in October and I am pretty darn excited. Haters gonna hate, but I’ll be having fun embracing my role as a boyband enthusiast, so whatever. Some people seem to think that I’m a bit too old to like One Direction, but considering that I’m technically younger than four of the five members, pretty sure it’s okay. PRETTY SURE IT’S OKAY TO LIKE BOYBANDS AT ANY AGE, OKAY?!

This video from the ever-lovely Louise basically sums up my thoughts on the matter:

Have a nice day!


Thoughts? :)

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