Life’s Little Lessons

Damn, the title of this post is a lovely alliteration. Today is super exciting, because it’s the first post in a new monthly column from my dear friend Anna! You may remember her from last year’s guest post series, and now we’re lucky enough to be hearing from her every month! For now, the column is called Life’s Little Lessons (mainly because Anna dislikes One Direction and wanted to avoid referencing their song ‘Little Things’) and today it’s all about the importance of friends and how you can find them in the most unexpected of places. If you’d like to, follow her on Twitter here. Otherwise, read on! 

Little things (n.) the overlooked but never insignificant promises of each day.

When Kara approached me about a monthly column, my first reaction was to freak out (just a little) about what to write about. While my last posts were important to me  I wanted to focus on something that everyone’s familiar with. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be writing about little things in life that have inspired me to be the person that I am, in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you’ll be inspired by the same things, or even your own things, so that each and every day you can appreciate your own little things.

Anyone will tell you that they wouldn’t be who they are today without the support system they have around them. Our families and our friends offer the guidance and relief that we so desperately need at times. While our families are the people that we’re born having, part of growing up is picking friends that will help you become a better person. And so this month’s little thing is an Internet friend. At one point or another, almost every person who matters to you as you read this now was a stranger and yet, you probably can’t imagine life without them, can you?

Even though you can walk past a hundred people everyday, it’s crazy to think that they all have their own lives, their own stories, and that you’re just a passing blimp in their present. But one word, one smile, an accidental run-in, could change someone from a stranger to your best friend. And that’s the hope that keeps me going. I’ve met people who I never thought I would meet, especially thanks to the Internet. (Now I know, we’ve been raised to be fearful of anything online, been told hundreds of stories about scams and killers and everything in between, but if you’re smart, the internet is a safe place for you to connect with people who love what you love.) Take Kara, for instance, I have a best friend and someone who I can talk to about anything I fancy, all because we began talking on Tumblr over McFly. And Tumblr hasn’t given me just Kara; I’ve made so many close friends who have become an active part of my life outside of Tumblr just because one of us decided to be friendly and reach out.  A simple conversation becomes constant conversation and before you know it, you’re undeniably friends.

Now, don’t get my wrong; my friends in real life are awesome. Like, super duper awesome (I’m not rubbing it in, I’m just making them feel loved too). But, let’s be real, can you ever have too many cool friends? As wonderful as your friends and mine may be, I know that there are some things I love and care about that my friends just don’t feel for. But I’ve got so many friends to reach out to, and it’s so easy to talk to them that I always have someone to fangirl to (and believe me, I love to fangirl). Kara and Matty and John and Adam might be hours ahead of my time zone and an ocean away, but when I need a shoulder to cry on or I’ve broken my computer or Danny Jones is too cute for me to handle, they’re a message away, ready to kick into action.

A year ago, I couldn’t have said that.

But the most amazing part of it all is that no matter how recent it’s been I can’t remember life without any of my Internet friends. I’m so used to talking to all of them, of asking for advice and listening to their problems, that I can’t even pinpoint the moment I started relying on them so much.  I can tell  you though, that nothing will ever replace them for me, even if I end up meeting a million more people in my life time.

So go out and meet people, or log in to social media and strike up a conversation with that person you’ve been following for ages but are too scared to speak to. You never know, a friendship could be right around the corner, waiting for you. And what’s life without friends?


Thoughts? :)

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