Body Image Awareness Week


Hey everyone!

So, next week (September 1st-8th) is Body Image Awareness Week here in Australia. From the Butterfly Foundation

“Eating disorders and poor body image present a huge problem for both males and females across Australia and it is an issue that is often kept a closely guarded secret by sufferers. Body Image Awareness Week in September aims to raise awareness of these health threatening conditions and take the opportunity to celebrate our bodies – unique, diverse, strong and beautiful! So join with us and celebrate this important week in your own way.”

As some of you may already know, eating disorders and body image are important issues that are very close to my heart, and I’m a big believer in the importance of body positivity and positive self-image. I know everyone has good and bad days, but next week I’ll be trying to stay as positive I can about how I feel about myself. Last year, I made it my mission to post one Instagram photo each day or something I liked about myself, my body or something that in general was about body positivity, and I think I’ll be doing the same this year. The Butterfly Foundation are encouraging people to “Join the Revolution” during Body Image Awareness Week, so if you feel like jumping on board and being a bit more positive in the next week, please do! I might post up my instagram photos as part of an ‘I Like All The Things” post or something, perhaps.

You can find more info on the Butterfly Foundation here on Facebook.

Have a nice day!  x


Thoughts? :)

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