The Blogspiration Project: Sara Scoggins

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am about this edition of the Blogspiration Project. Today, we’re hearing from the lovely Sara Scoggins, music editor at Buzznet and self-described professional music fan. She’s done some amazing & hilarious interviews (you can find some of my favourites over on Buzznet’s Youtube channel) and is someone I really admire for her passion for her work and also for life in general. You can find Sara’s Buzznet blog here, or follow her on Twitter here. A massive thank you to Sara for her contribution! You can read the other posts in the Blogspiration Project series so far here. Read on & enjoy! 

photoTell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Sara Scoggins and I am currently the Music Editor of I am pretty much just a professional music fan! I grew up in Rhode Island and moved out to LA about four years ago to pursue a career in Entertainment Journalism. It’s been an adventure since day one.

What inspired you to pursue online journalism, instead of more “traditional” print media?

Well, I think I identify with a younger demographic and the Internet is where they live. I also love the instant interaction with online vs print. I can see if something I have done connects with someone instantly with a comment or a “buzz” on my post. Feels like an Internet hug!

What would you consider to be the best and worst things about the internet & the online environment?

I’d say the best thing is (like I just mentioned) the instant reaction, but that can also lead to instant criticism. I have also had to deal with negative and hurtful comments, and that’s never fun. I also think the worst thing is the unacknowledged responsibility that comes with being in an online community. It’s a lot easier for someone to be nasty when they don’t have to show who they are. Anonymity is the worst part in my eyes.

What helps you stay motivated with both your work & in life in general?

I think what keeps me motivated is thinking about being 15-years-old and knowing I wanted to do something exciting with my life. I would visualize myself living in a new city, having a job I loved and would excel at. I wanted to really push myself and see what I was capable of. I guess I keep thinking back to that younger version of myself I want to live up to those high expectations. My family is also a huge source of motivation as well  — and I love sharing my experiences with them.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about working in an internet-heavy environment?

Oh gosh, I learn a new one each day. I guess the MOST important one is that the Internet is forever. Whatever you post will be there forever, so be fair and be kind. You never know whose eyes it will fall upon and how that will reflect on you. I guess that’s a lesson I observed rather than learned first hand, but still a very important one.


Thoughts? :)

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