The Blogspiration Project: Kate Cordova

Posting new editions of the Blogspiration Project has actually become my favourite thing. Today, we’re hearing from the lovely Kate Cordova, talent manager at Buzznet and all-round amazing gal. I’m super excited that Kate’s part of the Blogspiration Project, and she’s even shared some of her favourite concert photography shots with us, so I’ve put them in below. You can check out Buzznet here, and follow Kate on Twitter here. If you’d like to catch up on the other posts in the Blogspiration Project series, go here! A huge thank you to Kate for contributing! I honestly can’t tell you how excited and thankful I am for all the support and positivity I’ve had surrounding the Blogspiration Project, it’s been super rad so far. Read on and enjoy! x

Tell us a little bit about yourself!KateCordova

My name is Kate Cordova. I’m 23. Born and raised in San Diego and moved to Los Angeles at 19 to pursue a career in music/ entertainment industry to do marketing. After several internships at record labels, working for Jac Vanek, Guitar Center and PROPR, I landed my role at Buzznet. I love shoes. My favorite food is Mexican. I frequent Disneyland twice a month. My dad gave me his record player this year so I’ve been collecting vinyl. I love going to book stores for “me” time. I write in a journal. I’m a dreamer.

How did you first become involved with blogging & the Buzznet community?
I first got a Buzznet account back in the summer of 2007, during the Decaydance/ Fueled By Ramen days when Fall Out Boy and other bands would consistently blog on Buzznet & Friends Or Enemies. I loved having the opportunity to interact with the content of the site as well as share things myself. As far as my involved on a professional level, the Vice President of publicity for Buzzmedia (at the time, now Spin Media) heard about me through the grape vine of the music industry and reached out to me about an open position at Buzznet. The position was for the Music Promotions/ Marketing role aka a dream job. I unfortunately didn’t get the role, BUT they still wanted me to be involved in the site and asked for me to contribute content as well as cover music events in Southern California. So I took the opportunity and ran with it, requesting every show possible. Whenever I’d cover a show for Buzznet, with my ticket came a photo pass and I was like huh? I don’t take photos…. But I guess I should buy a camera and try it! So sure enough I did and started teaching myself the ins and outs of live concert photography. After free lancing for Buzznet for about 5 months, I got an email from the General Manager saying “We finally have a new position for you, that I think you’d be perfect for” the next day I went to lunch with her and the day after that I started my first official day at Buzznet as a Talent Content Producer. From there I developed what is now the Buzzmaker Talent blogger program and I manage it.


What’s your favourite thing about your job (as talent manager at Buzznet)?
Hmm this one is kind of tough because for the most part, I love everything about my job. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the fact that I have complete creative control over everything in my role. I don’t have anyone telling me “Hey Kate, I need you to bring on xyz talent to be a Buzzmaker” or “We really need xyz to work with this brand or do this blog post etc”. For so long I wanted to work for a record label and never really thought about the possibility of working for a media company. Now that I am at Buzznet, I love that our editors and staff have the ability to make their own creative decisions in their departments and decide for themselves who they want to work and collaborate with.

DSC05962Can you tell us a bit about the process you go through in terms of finding new Buzzmakers and what you look for when recruiting for the Buzzmaker program?
The process I’ve been currently going through when recruiting new Buzzmakers is that I really want to bring on people that our community already knows who they are, loves and cares about. Talent who are interested in creating a community and marketing themselves with a brand that can help them and have a creative platform. Another thing I look at (as much as I hate to admit), social media presence is really important, we use our Buzzmakers for campaigns and opportunities for marketing and brands are looking for those statistics. I also care about if they are a good person, reliable, if they’re respected, creating something for themselves that Buzznet can help be apart of.


Favourite & least favourite thing about the online environment?
I think it’s really amazing that people have the ability to get an inside view into someone you admires life. Whether is be blogs, Instagram photos, tweets, tour videos, Facebook updates etc. Fans have the ability to see that their favorite band just got to meet a koala in Australia or the band just updated they hid a pair of tickets in the line. The ability to instantly share things in real time while there happening is pretty amazing and have changed the way we do marketing. Social influence is incredible and very vaulable. My least favorite thing about the online environment is all the negativity that comes along with it. Online bullying is just insane to me. People get to hide behind a computer and say the most hurtful things. I couldn’t even imagine what that must be like, I’ve never been bullied online and I hope the people that do are strong enough to not let it effect them.

What’s your biggest source of inspiration (both online & off)?DSC02758
It’s a combination of multiple things, music, live shows, our Buzznet community. As silly as it sounds but walking into Warped Tour and knowing that Buzznet is a home for those fans, that is special. We are place that is safe for kids to have a voice, be themselves, unique, different. All of those things fuel my inspiration for work at Buzznet. Also as I mentioned before, the power of social influence is incredible and working closely with each talent Buzzmaker brings a new level of inspiration as well. I want a world take over, I want people to feel, to share, to be discovered, to interact, to consume. I’m also inspired by my peers, the people I work with, friends, magazines, traveling, being alone, falling in love with yourself. ALSO— I’m recently obsessed with Thought Catalogue.



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