The Fangirl Guide to: Meet & Greets and Signings!

Hey everyone! If you’ve been reading wellthisisnice for a little while, you’d know that I’m a pretty massive fangirl for a whole lot of different things. You also might have noticed that when it comes to serious music matters, I get the lovely Caitlyn to chime in with a guest post or two. Last year, Caitlyn and I collaborated on a post called “A Short Guide to Fangirling Like A Professional” which has since become one of the most popular entries on this blog (according to my magical wordpress statistics and graphs), so we’ve decided to have a bit of a go at expanding on it.

The Fangirl Guide will be a bi-weekly blog series, covering all things fangirl and fandom related, with a particular focus on music, concerts and bands/artists. Keep in mind that it’s obviously a bit of fun for us both (and hopefully for you guys too!), but we thought it could be an interesting topic to cover and of course get your thoughts on.

So, here we go! The Fangirl Guide to… Meet & Greets and Signings!

Meet & greets and signings can be a whole lot of fun, and a great opportunity to meet with your favourite bands/artists and other fans. However, they can get a bit hectic, so here’s a few things to remember!

Meet & greets:

–   Follow instructions. Whether it be the email you got that details what time to be at the venue, etc,  or the instructions of tour managers/venue staff/security, make sure you follow their instructions to ensure that you get into the m&g at the right time and get to meet/get a photo with the band or artist in question. You don’t want to be that fan Flyzik is trying to find in the line outside the venue, 20 minutes after the meet and greet was supposed to start. (He yells. It’s not pretty.)

–   Another thing on instructions: make sure you’re clear on how many photos you’re allowed to get, how many items you can take in to get signed, and that kind of stuff. Remember that there’s other people there who are just as excited as you!

Stay calm. We know that this can be very difficult for some people, given how overwhelming the idea of meeting your idol can be. Remember to drink plenty of water, take lots of deep breaths and if you can, bring a friend or parent along for support. If you don’t feel like you’ll be able say everything you’d like to, be sure to write it into a letter and give it to the band when you meet them.


–  Gift giving. No matter what gift you’d like to give, remember that you actually have to physically hand it over. Throwing bras and underwear at All Time Low onstage is one thing, but handing Jack Barakat a g-string in person might get a tiny bit awkward. Obviously, it’s up to your own discretion and whatever you feel comfortable doing! Just be mindful of things like gift size, given that a lot of bands have restrictions on what they can bring back on flights and stuff like that.

Photos. If your meet & greet has an official photographer, make sure you plan ahead with regards to things like which pose you’d like to do (if you get to choose) and that stuff. If it’s a more casual meet & greet where you take the photos yourself, make sure you have plenty of battery left in your phone or camera. Sometimes the band members are happy to take selfies with you, so just roll with the punches on that one. Otherwise, befriend someone else in the meet & greet and they’ll be more than happy to take the photos for you.



–  Get there as early as possible. Make friends in the line, stay hydrated, make sure you know what you are and are not allowed to get signed. If no photos are allowed, either be super sneaky with it, take video or just steer clear of it. Try not to do anything that would get you kicked out by security, really.

–  At a signing, you’re probably going to have about ten seconds (if that) with each person. Make the most of it. It is the moment for a quick hello and “I loved your set today/your latest album/your hair”. It is not the moment to hand Harry Styles an envelope full of condoms.

– And a sidenote if you’re attending signings at festivals: be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get from the stage to the signing and back again, so you don’t miss any sets that you really want to see or signings that you really want to go to.


And that’s it for this edition of The Fangirl Guide! Let us know what you think! x


One thought on “The Fangirl Guide to: Meet & Greets and Signings!

  1. Sophie says:

    eeeee thanks so much for this :D Possibly going to a m&g in a few months :) Will definitely try to make friends to make it less awkward and hopefully have them look out for me and vice versa

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