Guest Post: #Live4U

Another guest post today! This one is from my good friend Shailo. Read on & enjoy, feedback is always appreciated! x

P.s I have absolutely no regrets in being “that friend” who introduces you to One Direction. Embrace it, live it, love it. Lol. 

Hi Guys!

I’m Shailo, 19 years old, studying PR and advertising, living in sunny Sydney and loving it : )

During Winter we all get a little bit lazy, rug up in our sweats and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate in front of the television. In fact more often than not we plant ourselves there. It’s easy to feel a bit down, or useless in fact… as if you’re wasting your time and not doing a whole lot for yourself. For the last couple months, since the end of the hottest (but still freezing cold) Winter in years for Australia I’ve been incorporating the #Live4U tag in many facets of my life and I genuinely feel a lot happier. It’s not that I wasn’t happy before, but I guess I feel like a better version of myself.


This is my life. I live for food. I dream about food. The only reason I get up in the morning is because I know there is food waiting for me in the kitchen. At college last year I was in heaven once I discovered the vending machine, though this year I have tried to start and eat a little bit healthier. Of course not depriving myself of anything, but I think it’s important not to snack during the day because you end up feeling sluggish. Eat foods that boost your metabolism and that help your body get its nutrients, and if you must snack, make it a healthy one. I have stopped buying food out and like making meals at home. Cooking can be fun so I’ve recently (when I have the time) have been creative in the kitchen. Cooking at home ensures you know exactly what your body is taking in.


It’s not something any of us enjoy… is it? But nonetheless exercising released endorphins and is something we need to practice in order to remain healthy. In high school we were told to focus on academics and not take on sporting commitments. So naturally, I hadn’t worn my runners in a couple years. Now when I look back on that I’m so ashamed, because it’s really not that hard to be active. I blamed not exercising in Year 12 on the HSC, and not exercising during my first year at university on the Melbourne weather. NO MORE EXCUSES. Today, I’m exercising about 30 minutes a day. It’s nothing major but it does make you feel healthier, productive and proud.


Listening to music everyday is somewhat of a necessity for me. Whether it’s while I work out or before bed, or when I’m doing homework. It’s a must. Also learning about a new band/artist each week is a goal of mine. My favourite song at the moment is Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. I saw them on the Ellen Show. YouTube it!

But to get to the real stuff… I HAVE to write this in because it’s been exactly a year since the fabulously amazing owner of this blog, Kara ‘boy band enthusiast’ Gibbons introduced me to One Direction. I was converted then and there, and yes I am now a fan. Since I’ve become a fan of their supporting act on their world tour, Sydney-born 5 Seconds of Summer. Sometimes I’m thinking I’m almost 20 and I’m into these baby boys? But YOLO. Favourite band at the moment = The 1975. And I have to say it’s because Harry Styles tweeted about them. And now I’m OBSESSED. Do you see the chain effect One Direction has?! Is this just a phase for me, I don’t know? But I’ll have you know I’ll be at their show later this month. HI BOYS!


Make-up: It’s not a necessity, in fact I prefer not wearing make-up, but it’s nice to have it around. My friend introduced me to Tanya Burr, a beauty YouTuber and since I’ve become obsessed… not with make-up but with her. If you don’t know who she is, I suggest you look her up because she is really fun and bubbly and even if you aren’t interested in recreating her make-up look she brightens up your day. Zoella and FleurDeForce are other YouTubers who dabble in beauty.

This year my skin has turned against me for some unknown reason, in an almost baffling motion. My skin is worse than it was in high school and I’m not doing anything differently so it is quite a mystery. But, I have come to the conclusion… you only have one face, so you might as well invest in products that will work and protect your skin. Invest in a skincare regimen and stick to it! My personal routine in the morning involves washing my face thoroughly when I wake up, cleansing, moisturising, and applying make-up (not every day). When I get home I cleanse again and use a spot treatment before bed. I also like to do a face mask or scrub a couple times a week. Take care of yourself.



Of course the first show I’m going to bring to your attention is SCANDAL. My one true love and obsession is Kerry Washington. I love her sense of style, everything she wears is amazing and she is gorgeous. The show has just started its third season, the first episode airing a couple days ago. It was a gamble creating the show. In fact the first season was only six episodes but the creator Shonda Rhimes (who also created Greys Anatomy and Private Practice, other loves of mine) really went for it. Kerry plays Olivia Pope, and she is a ‘fixer.’ She makes problems go away let’s say, and hopefully before the police get involved. Did I mention she is having an affair with the President of the United States? It’s addictive, go watch!

Next, the media student in me is obviously going to mention The Newsroom. Aaron Sorkin, is amazing writing episodes about real life events as experienced by a news team. This show makes me realise I am in the right direction in terms of my career path. If anything, watch episode seven on the first season. It is the episode about killing and capturing Osama Bin Laden in action. It is written and executed so well. ALWAYS make time for TV. You need to wind down at the end of the day.

Make sure you check off these tasks off your to do list daily. Have a great day!
Shailo xo


Thoughts? :)

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