Guest Post: Fascination with the famous

Another guest post today, from my bestie Evy. You can view other guest posts in the series here! Enjoy! x

Celebrities. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I love celebrities, but I don’t love them for the same reasons that most people do. There aren’t really celebrities that I look up to (the closest I get to that is loving Emma Watson because she’s classic). I love celebrities because I find them terribly fascinating. My fascination of celebrities is what made me want to major in PR and work in talent publicity after I graduate university.

So why are celebrities fascinating? Most people don’t consider looking past what celebrities present to us. We see them on Twitter, Instagram, gossip websites, Facebook, our Tumblr feeds… We feel like we know these people. Do we really know them though, or are they just showing us what they think we want to see? Is a celebrity’s public image ever exactly like their actual self? Most people don’t choose to question what their favourite celebrity says and does, but I do, and you should too.

My favourite celebrity is an up-and-coming actor. I won’t mention his name, but if you’ve watched Glee and Awkward then you may have seen him before. He has a decent sized fan base and is definitely on the verge of stardom. He’s an incredibly talented actor, a chill person, and quite handsome too (that definitely helps…). But I don’t just like him for those things. In fact, the main reason I find him fascinating is his personality. Before I go any further, I should mention that I run a website for this actor and was asked to help him out with some social media related things. Because of this, I get to see a tiny bit of him that most people don’t. I love it.

In public arenas, he projects utter professionalism, mostly tweeting about his latest endeavours like fashion shows he attended, films he’s working on, premieres he’s attending, etc. Behind the scenes is where the fun is though. After attending a fashion show, he proceeded to tell me that it was “super dope.” One time he began a message to me with a “Yo!”. There are other things that I can’t mention because of the message content, but I love the leaks of his genuine personality that come through in those messages. Plus, those messages a way more interesting than tweets that are like ‘[film name] is still in theatres’ or ‘I’m in [city name] right now’. Things like this are a reminder to me that celebrities are actually real people too, not just random people that only exist on a screen or in magazines.

The evolution of the internet has also greatly helped celebrities present their ideal self to us. The fact that people can be self-selective online interests me greatly. Obviously self-selective activity happens all the time, especially on social networking websites (side note: Catfish on MTV is amazing if you’re interested in this stuff). But self-selection is taken to a whole new level when you’re talking about celebrities. Sometimes it’s possible for these people to lead two separate lives, and have two totally different personalities. They can be one person in front of the media, and another when they’re with friends and family. Due to this, we should always question what we see celebrities doing. Was that celebrity really photographed coming out of that store, or is that a staged candid? Does this celebrity really like that product they’re tweeting about, or were they paid to say something?

Celebrities are amazing. They’re brands that need management and guidance. You never know how many people are working behind the scenes with a celebrity to manage their social media accounts, get them TV interviews, magazine spreads, photo shoots, and set up other media opportunities. It’s a crazy amount of work but no one ever seems to notice… and that’s because the best PR is always invisible.


Thoughts? :)

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