The Blogspiration Project: Zack Luye

More Blogspiration Project, yay! Today’s is a chat with Zack Luye. You can follow Zack on Twitter here, and be sure to check out some of his podcasting adventures with Game of Owns and Two Is Company. The rest of the Blogspiration Project can be found here. Have a great day! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Zack, and like girls I just want to have fu-un.

Favourite & least favourite thing about the Internet & the online environment?

It’s scale of mass connectivity has never ceased to amaze me — for example I can navigate to a website filled with battle-ready built to scale weapons from my favorite fantasy stories and place them about a workspace for …inspirational purposes. With the good come the bad, and occasionally there will be individuals who take advantage of its size and anonymity in the name of evil.

Is there anything in particular that inspires you?

Hard work/watching the hard work inevitably become success for those people. There are few things more inspirational than seeing others kick ass at the things they spend time doing.

What do you enjoy most about podcasting? 

Coming together with my friends to make something other people enjoy. It’s a blast.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone, what would it be?

Stay positive, because everything is awesome. You’re alive! Beware the sha, stay hydrated, don’t wait until it’s too late to repair minor engine trouble — wait is that too many?

A massive thank you to Zack for contributing to the Blogspiration Project. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging lately. I’m not really sure what will happen to wellthisisnice in the near future, but hopefully I can figure it out soon. Thank you for being patient, whoever you are. Thanks for reading and supporting the blog , I really do appreciate it. Much love! x


Thoughts? :)

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