Triple J’s One Night Stand: A Guide to Mildura

So, next weekend, Triple J are bringing their One Night Stand to my beloved hometown of Mildura. From the Triple J website:

We’ll be strapping on our floaties, booking our houseboats, and bringing the biggest party of the year to the regional centre in Victoria, which sits on the bank of the Murray river near the Victorian and New South Wales state border. 

Staring the party are a swag of great artists we announced on Tuesday:RÜFÜS, Violent Soho, The Jungle Giants, Illy and Dan Sultan, as well as one triple j unearthed band to be added from the Mildura region. More deets on that competition over at the Unearthed website

triple j will broadcast the entire event LIVE on the radio, with Matt & Alexand Zan Rowe bringing you live sets and interviews from 2pm, and the whole concert will also be broadcast LIVE on ABC2 with hosts The Doctor, Linda Marigliano and Lewi McKirdy kicking things off from 7pm.

You can also jump in the front row via the on-stage streaming on the triple j website and complete the full multi-platform experience by checking out our online videos, photos, music streams and artist blogs. Plus you can catch up with One Night Stand performances on iView – so you can be part of the concert whenever and wherever you are.

We can’t wait to put on our water skis and take our friends around Australia to the town of MILDURA!

Pretty exciting stuff! Sadly, I won’t be making the trek back home to attend, but I’m sure it’ll be a great night. In the meantime, though, I thought I’d put together a little bit of a guide on the best of the best when it comes to visiting sunny Milcity. If you’re flying up, take a moment to appreciate how fancy the new airport is. Also, we have palm trees. Jelly?


Triple J have written their own guide to Mildura, which I thought was hilarious. The highlight for me definitely was:

Where can I cut sick laps?

Solid question, safe driving enthusiast. In addition to the speedway, Rowers near the river is apparently a decent place to show off your custom automobile. Your other options are just down the road on Deakin and 15th, or down Australia’s longest single straight avenue: all 12.1 kilometres of Mildura’s main street.

So be sure to keep that in mind if you’re visiting. Now, onto the other stuff!

Eating and drinking

Yes, there are wineries aplenty, but unless you’ve got a vehicle handy, you’re probably going to stick to things in town to keep you entertained.

For fun food and drinks times, definitely check out the Mildura Brewery or the recently-launched Cider Tree. The Cider Tree was previously a nightclub called Evolution (affectionately known as Evo), and in its time has also been O’Malley’s Irish Tavern and the Mildura Post Office, so that’s a fun bit of local history for you. Langtree Avenue (where the Brewery is) is also your best bet for restaurants and general nightlife, and is within walking distance to the location of the One Night Stand. If you so dare, the other major nightlife spot is Doms’ Nightclub on Langtree Avenue. (Just know,  the locals call it Dirty Doms. Take that as you may.)

The local Maccas is on Deakin Avenue (the main drag). It’s the opposite end of town to where the One Night Stand is (sadly the Maccas in the Langtree Mall is no more), but if you’re really desperate, it’s only about a 30-45 minute walk from one end of town to the other. Also on Deakin Avenue, you’ll find a KFC and a Red Rooster, so yeah. There’s also two Subways, a Hungry Jacks, another McDonalds and the Great Australian Ice Creamery. Important information, right?

ALSO, no trip to or night out in Mildura is complete without a trip to the Mallee Burger Van. It’s usually parked on Deakin Avenue, towards the river end of town, but I’d reckon there’s a pretty good chance it’ll actually be at the One Night Stand or at least nearby. HOT CHIPS AND GRAVY FOR ALL.

Fun things to do

Entertainment-wise, you’re all set. Beyond attending the One Night Stand, defs check out the Deakin Cinema Complex if you want to catch a movie. For the more competitive of you, head to Sunraysia Ten Pin Bowling or to the Putt Putt Family Fun Centre for a game of bowling or mini golf, or some fun in the arcade or on the dodgem cars. (I’d also suggest visiting the Aqua Coaster, but given that it’s been a bit chilly lately, you might want to give that one a miss). Also, if you fancy it, we’ve got Rollerama (with added go-karting facilities) which is super fun. I had my tenth birthday party there and it was a blast.

If you do have a car and some spare time on your hands, definitely take the opportunity to check out some of the best the Sunraysia region has to offer in terms of citrus and wine. Trentham Winery is usually pretty high on everyone’s list and definitely worth a visit. My personal favourite tourist attraction (behind the now sadly closed Snakes & Ladders amusement park) is Orange World. We got to go on an excursion there during Year 8 Geography and it was great. There is a tractor train. And oranges. What’s not to love?

Also, I couldn’t write this post and not mention the one thing that everyone tells me about that one time they visited Mildy ten years ago: Woodsies’ Gem Shop . There is a garden maze that will make or break you. Will you walk out victorious, or have to sneak out the “I Give Up” exit? (WHY EVEN IS THERE A GIVE UP EXIT, I DON’T GET IT.)

Historical Sights

(You might find yourself sighing at my lameness by this point. My dad’s a history teacher, I can’t help it. #sorrynotsorry)

Look, they’re technically a thing to do as well, but the local paddlesteamers are pretty historic. In Grade 4, I crafted an entire twenty-slide Powerpoint presentation about paddlesteamers. Ah, the memories. Head to either the visitor information centre or just down to the wharf to find out details on how to catch a river cruise. Might be advisable to give the Avoca a miss though. 

The visitor information centre will also give you all the info on our local history. There’s a pretty cool model of the Psyche Pumps thing that the Chaffey Brothers built that you can press buttons on and it works, so that’s fun. Additionally, you can head over to the Mildura Arts Centre to check out some art exhibitions and wander through the historic Rio Vista house (which, as a child, I was creepily fond of). It’s the former home of one of the Chaffey Brothers (dudes from Canada who founded Mildura as an irrigation region), and a short walk down the road you’ll find the Mildura Homestead (which is where the other Chaffey brother lived… and  where my aunty got married #funfact).

On your way down to Nowingi Place for the One Night Stand, you might notice a fountain at the end of Deakin Avenue, on Seventh Street. Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially opened that fountain. Fancy, hey?

Things to Avoid

For this part, I’ll refer back to the Triple J guide:

  • Attempting to see the Guinness World Record certified “world’s longest bar”. It was removed from The Mildura Working Man’s Sports & Social Club in 1995 to make way for some pokies.
  • The South Mildura Footy Club/Imperials AFL rivalry. The Imperials won the flag last year. Touchy subject at best.

(To be completely honest with you, I’m not sure about the football bit. I never had a sibling or a boyfriend who was involved in local football, lol. But I’ll just take Triple J’s word for it. I’m well versed in the rivarly between the local high schools, though. CSC REPRESENT, and all that.)

In Summary:

I hope you enjoy your time in Mildura, and that the One Night Stand is a rad night for all involved. Local duo WZRDKID won the Triple J Unearthed competition to perform on the night, which is awesome. Pretty cool to think that someone from your hometown gets to perform at an event like this, hey.

May the sun be shining in sunny Sunraysia for you. Have a wonderful day!





Thoughts? :)

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