Faves Edition: Adam Elmakias

Hey WordPress, long time no talk. No time for excuses, let’s get down to it.

Today, we’re launching the Faves Edition. Funnily enough, it’s going to be a series where I talk about my favourite people and things. Knowing me, it’ll probs be fandom based, but who knows, let’s see where it takes us.

First up, let’s have a chat about Adam Elmakias.

If you like bands like All Time Low or Bring Me The Horizon or You Me At Six or Pierce the Veil or sometimes go to Warped Tour or watch the APMAs or read RockSound or Alternative Press, you’re probably familiar with Adam Elmakias’ work. He’s a pretty badass music photographer, and from his online presence, he also seems like a pretty rad dude.

Adam spends his time travelling the globe, photographing at festivals, gigs and all kinds of wonderful places around the world. He also runs a Youtube channel, writes a blog, hosts meet-ups and workshops, has just released a magazine and interacts with his fans on social media to a damn high level which is great (I think, anyway!).

All Time Low by Adam Elmakias, on their most recent UK Tour

I’ve chosen Adam as the first topic for the faves edition for a couple of reasons, but most of all, it’s his willingness to educate others, and to provide his perspective and experiences to help budding photographers (and even not-so-budding – I have very little interest in pursuing photography as a career, but I find Adam’s content so incredibly engaging) become better at their craft and learn how to embrace opportunities.

It’s common knowledge that Gen Y and Z will go online for help, for guidance, for resources and learning (I mean, I definitely did two online subjects in my final year of uni, because why not) and these days, there are so many loopholes and paywalls you often have to jump through to get where you want to go. I have nothing against people charging for content, I think that’s completely fair enough especially from a business/being able to pay your bills perspective, but I also think it’s about knowing and understanding and connecting with your audience. Again, I’m making a generalisation, but my personal experience from having friends that are aspiring music photographers, are that they won’t necessarily have a spare $400 to shell out for an online course. Every single cent they have (no doubt similar to most young people who find their passion) goes into their camera gear, into gig tickets, into general life expenses. So the fact that someone with the expertise and life experience of Adam Elmakias (and incredibly likeable, approachable, warm persona as well – he’s definitely easy to watch or read) is openly saying “Hey guys, this is what I know, this is what I can teach you, go out, practice, kick ass at whatever it is you want to do” is refreshing, and also quite honestly uplifting.

I mean, Adam literally takes his audiences along with him via a GoPro for the experience of photographing All Time Low at an arena show – talk about having a unique perspective:

But not only does he record that experience and upload it online, Adam takes the time  to go back and record a voiceover, detailing each part of the process, what he’d do differently, issues he encountered and how he overcame them, and all that kind of reflective stuff, which is actually awesome to observe. It’s great to see someone so openly and constructively critical of their own work, and so willing to share that with others so they can learn.

Adam’s continued to offer up his teachings via his blog and Youtube channel (the guy produces video and written content on the same topic so he can engage audiences that consume content via different platform preferences – SO GOOD). For example, this post on photographing a concert for the first time, and the accompanying real time video experience:

Adam takes the concept of a simple, “how-to” blog post and enriches it with so much knowledge and engaging features like videos and images that I feel like he’s really genuinely broadened his audience (he also includes a LOT of tech information, such as the gear he’s used, in each post, which would be so valuable for the people who genuinely care about it). He’s made it so incredibly easy to consume his content, and to enjoy it (for me, anyway – all a matter of opinion, guys).

In this day and age where everyone bangs on about the importance of having a mentor, but yet also where so many emails to professionals in particular fields go unanswered because they simply don’t have time to get back to every question from every single person, it’s absolutely refreshing to see Adam Elmakias embracing not only the curiosity of the up-and-coming generation of photographers, but also embracing the digital nature of their curiosity. He’s recognised and completely delivered (and will no doubt continue to deliver) the answer to many of their questions, in a very engaging and most importantly very accessible way, and I love it.

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Also he has a cat. How good are cats?

So there we go. The first Faves Edition, yay!

You can find Adam Elmakias at his website, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube (ALL OF THE SOCIAL MEDIAS).

Have a great day, much love! x




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