Faves Edition: Adam Elmakias

Hey WordPress, long time no talk. No time for excuses, let’s get down to it.

Today, we’re launching the Faves Edition. Funnily enough, it’s going to be a series where I talk about my favourite people and things. Knowing me, it’ll probs be fandom based, but who knows, let’s see where it takes us.

First up, let’s have a chat about Adam Elmakias.

If you like bands like All Time Low or Bring Me The Horizon or You Me At Six or Pierce the Veil or sometimes go to Warped Tour or watch the APMAs or read RockSound or Alternative Press, you’re probably familiar with Adam Elmakias’ work. He’s a pretty badass music photographer, and from his online presence, he also seems like a pretty rad dude.

Adam spends his time travelling the globe, photographing at festivals, gigs and all kinds of wonderful places around the world. He also runs a Youtube channel, writes a blog, hosts meet-ups and workshops, has just released a magazine and interacts with his fans on social media to a damn high level which is great (I think, anyway!).

All Time Low by Adam Elmakias, on their most recent UK Tour

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