So, I was having a bit of an online window shop the other day and I came across this great dress from Drop Dead Clothing:

I’m a big fan of denim. I may or may not already own a denim dress. And denim shoes, maybe. I don’t wear them all at once, I promise! I ummm’d and ahhh’d over the dress for a while before finally deciding that even though it was onsale, it was still a bit out of my price range. I was looking through the wardrobe in the spare room at home for something, however, when I came across this absolute gem from Mum’s wardrobe, circa what I assume was most probably the 1990s:

2013-06-22 18.05.03As you can see from the above photo (taken on my phone, apologies for the bad quality), it was a full length, long-sleeved denim dress that was far from being flattering on me at all. However, drawing inspiration from the Drop Dead Patchwork Dress, I thought I’d have a go at transforming the long dress into a shorter one that was better suited to my figure.

I’m not that good at sewing, but altering the dress was pretty easy (shout out to my mum for all her help!). All we did was:

1. Measure up to where we wanted the new hem to be & marked it out with pins, before cutting it with some fabric scissors. We used the ironing board so you could easily rotate the dress to reach each part and cut relatively evenly/straight.

2. Folded over the rough cut hem by about 1cm, ironed it into place and secured it with pins, before going over it with the sewing machine. All you have to do is sew in a straight line, which is fairly easy. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could probably hand-sew it, might just take a bit longer!

3. Voila! Finished dress, yay! (If you’re as bad at sewing as I am, you might want to get someone to fix up any uneven hemlines and that kind of thing. I’m also going to re-sew some of the buttons to make sure that they’re nice and secure.)

I’m pretty happy with how it turned it, really! I got a cute owl belt from Kmart for $3 to cinch in the waist on the dress, and when I’m not wearing this dress with my beloved Therapy boots, I might try it out with these ankle boots ($10 on clearance from Rubi Shoes, win!)

IMG_20130623_155844 IMG_20130623_160109

So yeah, there you have. Pretty easy way to transform what I can only assume was a 90s classic into something for everyday wear. Another bonus is that it’s a teensy bit big for me, so if I need extra warmth, I could easily wear a couple of extra layers underneath. Fun AND practical!

Have a nice day!


These boots.


In February of this year, I bought myself a pair of boots. They were new arrivals at a boutique in my home town, and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. Alas, my size wasn’t available… Until the amazing sales assistant checked with the Adelaide store, and had a pair in my size express posted to my local store. Talk about excellent customer service. At the time, I thought they’d be a good footwear investment.

After a year of living in Melbourne, wearing a variety of ballet flats, Converses, canvas slip on sneakers and the occasional high heel (very occasional, in fact), I was determined to make my second year dealing with disastrous Melbourne weather somewhat more successful and less full of soaked through shoes, wet socks and freezing cold feet. I’ve never really had too much of an interest in fashion, and usually only purchase items that are either on sale or under $20. Or both, preferably. So, these boots were definitely the first major purchase I’d made in a while, and I have certainly not regretted it.

As in, I literally wear them every single day, if I can. With jeans, with dresses, with a classic skirt/tights combination, with my extremely flattering trackies- not only do they seem to go with everything, but they’re so ridiculously comfortable, and so far have proved to be relatively waterproof. I’ve worn them so much that the sole on both shoes has actually started to come away- I’m torn as to whether I should get the soles replaced or simply get another pair of boots, so I’ll have to investigate the prices of both options, I think.


Seriously. I never thought I’d find something that I’d wear every day, but I guess  this is it. Do you have a particular item in your wardrobe that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

(P.s In case you were wondering, my boots are from Therapy. You can get them online here. If you’re cooler than me and want ones with metal studs on them, try this pair.)