Let’s talk about 5SOS.

Oh look, a post where I’m fangirling about something, how groundbreaking. Lol.

5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian band. If you haven’t already heard of them, you’re about to. Because I’m awful at summaries, feel free to head over to their Wikipedia page for more details on the origins of the band and their career to date. Basically though, it goes like this: they formed in 2011 in Sydney and began by posting cover songs on Youtube, before signing a publishing deal with Sony and releasing their debut EP which reached #3 in the Aus Itunes charts. Following a few supportive tweets from a couple of One Direction members, 5SOS joined the Take Me Home Tour in 2013 as 1D’s support act, touring through the UK, USA, Australian and New Zealand. They also played an Australian headlining tour during a break from the TMH tour which sold out super fast.

Fast forward to the present day and 5SOS are currently headlining their “There’s No Place Like Home” tour across Australia, and are set to once again support One Direction on their upcoming stadium tour across the US, UK, Canada and Europe. They’ve released another EP and its first single, She Looks So Perfect, went to #1 in 39 countries. 5SOS are officially the fourth Australian band or artist to reach #1 in the UK, and the first to do so in 14 years, which is pretty insane.

(Over 21 million views and counting, whaaaaaat)

There’s another single, Don’t Stop, being released on a second EP (which will technically be their fourth extended play release) in June, and with luck, there should be a full length album released by the end of the year. The majority of their live set consists of songs that have never been released as studio versions, but that the crowd knows and loves regardless. I guess the idea behind releasing EPs in addition to an album really gives as much music as possible to the fans to enjoy.

To put this in a teensy bit of context, I saw 5 Seconds of Summer perform live at the Palais Theatre last night. It was fun. I felt quite old, but it was still fun. I think my hearing may be temporarily damaged by all the screaming, but oh well. Overall, it was a good show. Definitely enjoyed the playlist of songs that was happening beforehand and in between the support act and the main event. Stacy’s Mom, anyone? (“IT’S ON SINGSTAR!”, as one 14 year old sat behind me reminded us all). Props to the girls I saw recording the show on their iPads. Dedication.

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Guest Post: Warped Tour AU Lineup

Today’s post is a guest contribution from my beloved Caitlyn. You may remember her from such posts as How To Fangirl Like a Professional, and the review of Unsaid Things: Our Story. Today, she’s going to talk you through the recently-announced line-up for Australia’s Vans Warped Tour 2013. Enjoy!


It’s all very fresh but I have finally settled down and composed myself because VANS WARPED TOUR IS BACK ON AUSTRALIAN SOIL AND TYPING IN CAPS LOCK DOESN’T REALLY EXPLAIN MY EXCITEMENT. Just give me a moment please…

Sorry guys, I’m back! I’m sure that some people would find it weird sitting up until late evening to find out who will be playing at a silly little festival that only a handful of people go (Mum, I’m looking at you) but I’m one of them. Heading to MOST capital cities (Sorry WA) in Australia, Warped will be sweating it out just before Christmas and I will be heading to the Melbourne leg of the tour. Ever since it was announced that Warped would be back in Australia, I have been waiting for this moment and let me tell you something; IT DIDN’T DISAPPOINT. As always, I was very skeptical and extremely nervous.

It’s a fantastic line-up, don’t get me wrong, and it has such a diverse range of bands that fit well into the bill but it is early days. With promoter AJ Maddah tweeting that “4-5 international bands” and “loads of local bands” will be announced in the near future, it could potentially get a lot better. When I think of Warped, I automatically recognize the support and promotion of local bands, which is an admirable quality that Soundwave doesn’t necessarily have.

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Unsaid Things: Our Story

Hello there! There seems to be a slight theme appearing on my blog, as today we have another McFly related guest post. Today’s post comes from my dear friend Caitlyn, who has recently become more aware and involved in the McFly fandom and read the band’s autobiography with what I felt was a unique perspective, hence the guest post. A massive thank you to Caitlyn for writing such a fantastic book review. Read on!

You could say I got McFly’d.

I’ve read so many biographies that touch on the lives of sportsmen, actors, musicians and comedians. They continually have one thing in common: an insight into the untold stories that everyone who identifies with the particular personality or celebrity wants to know. I’ve always been fascinated by the forbidden nature of lives, even if it is just a novel based on actual life events. Anyone who knows me appreciates my obsession with knowing everything about anyone of interest, but sometimes that gets the better of me. After listening to McFly’s Memory Lane (the best of McFly) Deluxe album and remembering that I was quite fond of ‘Star Girl’ and ‘Five Colours in her hair’ back in the day, I began watching a few tour videos, looking at a couple of photos and as soon as my precious pal Kara mentioned that I could borrow her copy of Unsaid Things, I knew I had to read it.

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